Friday, 21 January 2011

Electric Reader

The most astute members of my electric fan club will have noticed that it’s been pretty darn quiet around here of late with a rather severe lack of bloggage.

Whilst most of those people will not feel any emotion towards the situation whatsoever, it is only fair that I offer an explanation.  For the whole of 2010 A.D. I was engaged with my electric digital camera taking photographic images each day.  This project is now over, and you can see the results at the end of this handy Project 365 link.

Meanwhile, I enter the new year with a renewed sense of optimism.  Well, not so much optimism - rather trepidation disguised as optimism who later finds out that it was probably only realism which, let’s face it, pretty much lives next door to pessimism.

But I continue on nonetheless with a re-ignited plan to write something other than the ramblings on this blog. 

This is all part of a big plan, you see; a plan that is surely destined to (not) bring me fame and fortune.
One has decided that in order to keep the creative cogs churning (Surely “turning”? - Ed.) one should not only write a lot more but also read a lot more.  I therefore set out on a mission to enter the 21st century and acquired an Amazon Kindle reading device.  This handy gadget now allows me to carry my entire book collection wherever I go.  I have already begun to read a lot more.  However, I have also identified a number of pros and cons associated with this:
  1. The purchase of an electric reader means I can carry many books and spend more time reading (pro)
  2. By spending more time reading I am directly inspiring my writing (pro)
  3. By spending more time reading I am spending less time writing (con)
  4. By spending less time writing I am spending more time worrying about a) less time writing and b) imminent bankruptcy due to cost of replacing entire library with electronic books (con)
  5. By spending more time worrying I am spending less time sleeping (con) 
  6. By spending less time sleeping I am spending more time worrying about insomnia (con)
  7. See point 5 above (con)
  8. Endless loop of points 5-7 is likely to lead to total nervous meltdown and institutionalisation (pro or con, depending on who knows me)
It would perhaps be foolhardy to return the Kindle for a refund at this early stage based on the line of reasoning above, so I shall give it six months and see how things lie.

In the meantime, I find myself reminiscing over all the advice I used to give to the aspiring writers whose work frequented my desk in the BBC script unit where I used to work, and realising that the contents of the multi-page document “BBC Writers Guidelines” was largely a load of bollocks.

One has therefore refined one’s thoughts in this area and presents forthwith a new set of guidelines for anyone who wishes to be a writer:

  1. Buy paper
  2. Write something